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Arrives a Blessing to the world – The Divine Star’s “Protection Pendant” studded with a Natural Gemstone with Miraculous Paramagnetic properties, Scientifically Certified, Set in a exquisite hand crafted, design using state of Art Technology Gold plated pendant, and energized with powerful vibrations. A Pure symbol of protection which helps us ground and remove Negativity and Negative energies and Protects us from Negative Energy.
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The Divine Star’s “Protection Pendant” is inspired by a higher power with the energy of the Earth and the Beauty of the stars, & having a specific purpose to remove Negative Energies and Negativity and Protecting its wearer to become more Positive thereby attracting best of Health, Wealth & Love to enjoy his/ her life.


The Divine Star’s “Protection pendant” is a Intricately & Meticulously designed Piece created with an absolute passion for the Finer details with High quality metals, embedded with the Ancient symbols of Protection and Natural Rare Gemstone, superior artisan skills & Energized by powerful vibrations


The Divine Star’s “Protection pendant” is Exclusively packaged with the scientific certifications after stringent quality checks & delivered to you and your loved ones for your Protection.

We Deliver to 152 Countries

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