Every Human Being Needs One TM

The Divine Star Vision

To empower people live happy and joyous lives by healing all their negativity and enabling them stay protected and happy in ways they have never experienced before, through products that are not only miraculously energising, but are also of exquisite craftsmanship

The Divine Star Vision

To empower people live happy and joyous lives by healing all their negativity and enabling them stay protected and happy in ways they have never experienced before, through products that are not only miraculously energising, but are also of exquisite craftsmanship

The Divine Star Mission

To ensure One Crore or Ten Million people wear the Divine Star Pendant by December 31, 2024

Chasing Happiness

Everyone seems to be in pursuit of happiness. Some get it. Some don’t. Very few remain contented with what they have.

Some believe wealth begets happiness. Some believe it is education. Some believe it is knowledge. Some believe it is love. Some believe it is being one with nature.

Some believe it is faith in God. Some believe it is astrology. Some think it is numerology. Some think it is the practice of Ayurveda, naturopathy or homeopathy. Some think it is voodoo & occult.

Beating Stress

Whatever it is, people seem to be chasing something or the other for a better lifestyle and for those glorious moments under the Sun and happiness in the long run. In the pursuit of this happiness, stress levels have risen across the world. And to counter that, healing and wellness have taken on a new meaning or have become a huge priority.

Concepts like Meditation, Penance, Worship, Yoga, Reiki, Alternative Medicine, Affirmations, Spa Treatments, Salt Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy etc., have been used by human beings for energising and healing purposes for thousands and thousands of years and are still being used to this day.

Gemstone Healing

But what is assuming greater significance today is Gemstone Healing and the positive role they can play in the healing and overall wellness of a person.

The World Is Now Learning What Our Forefathers In India And The Eastern Countries Have Known All Along - The Healing Power Of Gemstones.

Healing Gemstone As A Brand

Established in 2020, The Divine Star has understood that people all over the world are badly in need of healing, wellness and improving their lives. That’s why Divine Star has crafted The Divine Star Protection Pendant that possesses miraculous paramagnetic properties. One which removes all negativity, protecting human beings from different negative energies and healing them from a variety of ailments that prevents them from living their lives joyously.

Advisory Board

What makes it even better is that one of the two Founders – Dr.Rajiv Golcha is a world renowned Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and is among only 13 Gemologists in the world in the space of healing and wellness. Read about them here.


Dr.RAJIV GOLCHA is Phd in Vedic Astrology , An MBA In Finance, A Diamond Merchant, Designer of Fine Diamond Jewellery, A Graduate Gemologist from GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA(G.I.A) Carlsbad, California, U.S.A. He is also one of the Only 13 INTL.PLANETARY GEMOLOGISTS in the world and has spent more than 42 years in Spiritual Meditation & study of the Sciences like Astrology, Gemology,Mineralogy, Numerology, Palmistry, Mantra , Yantra, Mudra Vigyan, Meditation, Rituals, Healing, Colour therapy, Tarot, Signature analysis. He has travelled widely and consults CLIENTS from USA, UK, CANADA, UAE, RUSSIA, CIS COUNTRIES, UKRAINE, ALGERIA, EGYPT, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, SAUDIARABIA, THAILAND, AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, PHILLIPINES, ETC. A knowledgeable Expert in Suggesting Remedies which are highly effective by using Powerful Gemstones, Vibrations, Mantras, Sacred Geometry, Rudrakshas, Amulets, and other Secret Knowledge.An Avid Collector of Genuine Antiques and has wide Experience in the field of Mining Gemstones.

MR. Hari Babu Allanki Founder and owner of many businesses, Even after spending a lot of years in the corporate, irrespective of his achievements and success in the corporate world the fire in him was still not satisfied and he was searching for something that would make him to impact millions of lives in a Positive way, that’s when, he finally found his calling in the Spiritual world and with his vast experiences with thousands of people in the world of Events, Exhibitions and Entertainment.

In 15 years, Hari has executed a number of events and exhibitions across India that has fetched him encomiums, praises and rewards. With exceptional hard work, management, execution and leadership skills, he is a power packed dynamic dynamite all charged up and with his team of competent professionals to give back to the world nothing less than his best and impact human life in the most positive way by creating Exquisite Pieces which can bring Positivity, Love, Wealth and Health for all.

As a Business Expert with a Heart and to contribute to humanity, he has developed products to impact every human life

MR. Sumesh Gopal Board Member Wellbeing I Community builder I Happiness I Digital Wellbeing I EAP I Compassion Research I Ayurveda I Wellness Destination Strategist

A purpose driven community builder, chairperson of leisure and wellness conference at the Hotel Show Dubai 2023 and member of Dubai Active Industry advisory board, aligned with UN SDG 3 - good health and wellbeing for all and inspired by the UAE National Wellbeing strategy.

His IKIGAI as an alchemist, corporate monk, happiness philosopher, impact investor, strategic advisor and consciousness strategist is to uplift happiness, energy, elevate consciousness and optimize human potential through mind-body integrated approach to self transformation, unravel the ancient wisdom of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through the prism of modern positive mind psychology and quantum physics and be a source of joy, bliss, light, enthusiasm, grace and inspiration to global humanity to realize infinite human potential in creating immense abundance of happiness, health and prosperity through infinite love and immense gratitude. Focused on curating experiential highly personalized transformative inspiring bespoke retreats and premium upscale mindful wellbeing journeys , products & tools for individuals and corporates with commitment and passion in a safe and non judgemental environment ensuring we touch our core true inner self and unleash our infinite potential of Happiness within us by just being ourselves, tapping into the flow of the unified field of consciousness effortlessly.

Very focused and value based , he is a community builder with heartful inter personal relationships and thought leadership which has helped him create immense value throughout his career across verticals spanning luxury hospitality and wellbeing globally.

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