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Ms. Viwini

This pendant is really miraculous for me within 10 days my mindset is very positive.

Ms. Ashani Rani

I started using this divine star pendant for more than 15 days. I am feeling better and felt I’m energetic. Highly recommended for who is in depression.

Ms. Vidya T

I just wanted to say that The Divine Star pendant is indeed Divine. I started using this pendant for the last one month continuously and must say that there is a great amount of change in me in terms of calmness and health. This item was delivered quick and in a nice elegant box and the stone is very classy and comfortable to wear. Extremely pleased and thank you. Highly recommended.

Mr. Jaideep Kumar

I never thought this pendant will give such great strength and positivity , I am in real estate business some of my deals are struck due to various reasons after wearing this divine pendant I am seeing progress. Thanks to the divine star, you are really a star. 

Ms. Vijaya Kumar

I was completely demotivated and lacked enthusiasm for anything in life , I am feeling very much Positive and I am energetic too after wearing this powerful pendant. Every one Must try to resolve their negativity First in which this pendant definitely helps.

Dr. Vishal Kumar

I am a Doctor by profession, I didn’t simply believe in these things. One of my friend suggested me this pendant because she saw how much  i was stressed at work I feel more relaxed and calm now, I don’t know how this thing works but it works .Good product by design and originality.

Mrs. Megha

My In-laws used to trouble me a lot ,they always used to keep finding faults with me for no reason whatever I did was never good enough for them ,I was so depressed and had lost my self-confidence and interest in life itself ,My Mother gifted this pendant because she had benfitted from it and from when I started wearing it I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and started regaining my confidence i noticed that other peoples opinion did not affect me at all and I started standing up for the truth . I thank my mother and divine star for this beautiful gift ,I will never part with it. 

Ms. Anusha

My Ex-husband was continuously practicing Evils on me and harassing me and none of my works were getting completed even my promotion was blocked from 2 years, I was sitting and crying in my office when my mentor saw me crying he asked me what the matter was ,I told him my problems ,so he advised me to get this pendant and start wearing it as he and his entire family uses it . so I bought one and started using it ,Now I feel my blocks are just going away as I got my pending promotion in 12 days and also my Ex got transferred to another city I’m not scared anymore and my friends tell me Anusha you are looking very positive .I thank my mentor for suggesting this. God bless him.I suggest this Pendant  to everyone because I really know what suffering is .

Mrs. Kamala Reddy

I have 2 very Beautiful daughters ,every time they would dress up nicely and go out when they would come home they would be so irritable and fall sick and be so lethargic ,they used to get a lot of Nazar,I tried many remedies,Then my friend whose daughter is a well know actress I asked her that your daughter is so famous and always in public eye what she does for her protection, she was hesitant at first but I explained my Daughters situation then she said that she was using the divine star’s protection pendant which many celebrities use to get rid of negative energies and protect themselves and their family from Negative energies which come constantly from others , I immediately bought the pendants and gave it to my daughters I find that now when they go out and come back they never fall sick or are lazy, in fact they are always in a happy state ,I ordered 2 more for me and my husband now.

S Gowda

I always wanted to start my own business from years but was so pessimistic and thinking only negative ,I had read so many self help books and done personality development courses but I just couldn’t overcome the negativity ,Then my friend suggested me to try the divine star pendant I was skecptical that how can a product costing only Rs.4000 make any impact when I had already spent lakhs together anyways as he was my best friend I decided to take his advice and I couldn’t believe what I experienced within 40 days after using the pendant . first of all I felt so positive and energetic which I hadn’t felt in so many years then I met a former colleague of mine and he came up with an idea for a business which was my area of interest and we decided to start a business we opened our company ,finished all the legal formalities of registration ,opened a ecom website and got a few big orders and doing brisk business so my dream of becoming a business man came true so fast , I thank this divine star protection pendant for making my mind so positive by removing all my negativity otherwise I would have been only complaining in life .Now I gift this pendant to all my friends and loved ones.

Ms. Deepa Jain

I was suffering from severe depression from past 11 years I had tried everything from medicines to therapies  but was always going up and down ,I tried meditation also but was not able to focus and always get up in 2 to 5 mins I was gifted this pendant by my friend and ever since I started using it I felt so good and positive which I never ever felt before I started working out ,im able to live a fuller life I don’t complain anymore I made a lots of new friends and they say they love my positive outlook , now I can meditate for almost 20 to 30 mins feel so much calmer and I find that things are more clearer in my mind, I wish I had found this pendant much earlier I would have saved 11 years of my life .I thank my friend for giving me this Divine gift .

Mr. Omprakash

I am a chartered accountant and a senior citizen I used to suffer from continuous coughing I tried all remedies allopathy ,Ayurvedic, Nature therapy but it was just not stopping I used to feel the strain in my chest then my son gave me this pendant and my coughing stopped within 4 to 5 days now I can breathe very comfortably without any strain.I keep the pendant with me all the time.


I am 17 years old going to 2nd PUC  college I used to feel so low and depressed because the other girls always used to get jealous of me and spread false rumours about me and cause misunderstandings and I wasn’t able to focus on my studies but after my mom gave me this pendant all the nonsense stopped and i felt very positive and strong to handle any situation and am now able to focus on my studies.

Ms. Sandya

I was sad and my energy levels were too low, my health is not that great the same time I found this pendant by one of my Reference. Amazing product.

Ms. Shilpa Chauhan

I was going though a bad break up my boyfriend cheated on me and left me I had given 3 years of my life believing we would get married as he had promised me I used to keep crying all the time I  truly loved him and trusted him and he broke my trust I was so depressed and suicidal and didn’t feel like doing anything I didn’t feel like going to work lost my appetite lost so much weight my parents got so worried they took me to a psychiatrist for counselling but it still didn’t help ,through some family friends I got the Divine star Protection pendant and started wearing it , for first 3 days I kept on crying more than usual but I still didn’t take it off as they had told me that it is a part of the healing process but after a week I started to feel so positive and strong and after about 2 weeks I was feeling so good and decided to move on with life and was in fact thanking that good he left me ,Now I’m back at work and enjoying life with my friends and family .My parents are too happy Thanks to this pendant what I was suffering from 8 months made me positive in 2 weeks only.